This is an example configuration. Please copy this file to and change the settings to your local environment.

config_example.BACKEND_FILE_CACHE_DIR = '/tmp'

Directory to store tmp files, like dataset files

config_example.BACKEND_PASSWORD = u'foobar'

Password for the backend user

config_example.BACKEND_PIDFILE = u'/tmp/'

PID file of the worker process

config_example.BACKEND_PING_TIME = 15

Average delay between two pings.

config_example.BACKEND_RUNFILE = u'/tmp/learning-challenge-worker.running'

File that indicates, that the workers are running. Will also be created if worker process is not a daemon.

config_example.BACKEND_USERNAME = u'backend'

The username for backend access to server. Need admin rights.

config_example.BACKEND_WEKA_PATH = u''

Path to Weka’s jar files.

config_example.DJANGO_DB_DATABASE = u'learning-challenge'

MySQL-Database name

config_example.DJANGO_DB_HOSTNAME = u'localhost'

MySQL Server name

config_example.DJANGO_DB_PASSWORD = u'bar'

Password for MySQL-Server, needed by Django Server Instance only.

config_example.DJANGO_DB_USERNAME = u'foo'

Username for MySQL-Server, needed by Django Server Instance only.

config_example.DJANGO_DEBUG = True

Run Django in debug mode?

config_example.DJANGO_MEDIA_ROOT = u'./MEDIA/'

Directory for job Images.

config_example.DJANGO_STATIC_ROOT = u'./STATIC/'

Directory for static files.

config_example.TORNADO_PIDFILE = u'/tmp/'

PID file of the server process

config_example.TORNADO_PORT = 8888

Port of the tornado server


How many dimensions are plotted as default